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F - Francisca
K - Kevin
A -General Answer

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kak, kok di foto baju ga ada size chart ya?
bust/waist/length gituuuu

A - Kalo general size bisa di lihat di halaman how to order di paling bawah. Kalo size guide untuk baju masing2nya memang sedang
kita update :)

Kuliah dimana ci?

F - Di lasalle, jurusan fashion design

your wishlist?

K - To have my name written in wikipedia, to travel and discover uncharted places, to become a good dad, to become good in directions, to be able to not lose things too much, to become successful while still doing what I love. Finally, to spend my old days with the person I love

What is the best commercial you've ever seen?

F - Kulit manggis kini ada ekstraknyaaa

gampang ga suka sama orang?

K - Well you know what people say. Women take 15 days to fall in love. Men, just... 8.2 seconds

beli slips on dimana yaa ci

F - Beli di maaya :) hehehe storenya ada di mall ambassador kok :) good quality with affordable price! 😀

Tips diet?

F - Oopss you're asking the wrong person! :o

what is the best birthday present that you have ever received?

K - My mom. You know, our special day is their special day too

kak berapa kacamata, handphone & dompet yg sudah kakak rusak/hilangkan ?

K - *Update 2014*
Cellphone : 4
Wallet : 8
Debit card : 9
Vehicle license (STNK) : 1
ID card : 3
Glasses : 3
Camera : 1

coba definisikan perbedaan sayang, suka, dan cinta yang kamu ketahui.

K - pertanyaannya kok essay bgt sihh

i read this long time ago somewhere in a book: 'you look at other people merely as a reflection of yourself'. So if you love arts, chances are you'd be interested in someone who loves arts as well. If you wish you'd be able to sing well, then you would likely to admire a person that has a good voice. Or if you didn't receive enough love from your parents, then often you would grow fond of motherly women. It's about choices.

it is an unconditional love. Think about your parents. Doesn't matter how they look like, good or bad, you love them. Doesn't matter what their forte or shortcomings are, you still love them. When you love someone in this case, you just love them. It is a matter of comfort.

It s more of an Eros/amorous love. If it comes to finding your partner, it is a bit tricky. Cause it involves both choices and comfort. You should feel comfortable of what you have chosen; after all this is the person you'll grow old with, the person that you'll be together for the next half century. Liking a person you can't love won't work. Loving a person you don't like also won't work. It's kind of a combination of the previous two.